Media Coverage

A mention on the World Service Newshour – click listen again for 20/7 and it’s half way through

Hackney Gazette mention us again (18/7/12)

German TV (ARD) coverage of our first demo (click on the video icon)

Ross Lydall mentions us again in the Evening Standard (17/7/12)

David Arditti’s blog post “People power and the Olympics” (14/7/12)

New Statesman “Whose Olympics are they, anyway?” (13/7/12)

A mention in Ross Lydall’s Evening Standard piece (12/7/12)

Dave Hill’s London Blog in The Guardian (11/07/12)

Emma Bartholomew in The Hackney Gazette (11/07/12)

The Guardian Olympic Blog (11/07/12)

Who is The Tow Path Spotter – Random Blowe Blog (11/07/12)

The Guardian Bike Blog by Laurie Tuffrey (10/07/12)

Cyclists in the City on cycling during the Olympics (10/07/12)

Diamond Geezer Blog (09/07/12)

The Guardian Olympic Blog (09/07/12)

Save Leyton Marsh Blog (07/07/12)

Hackney Tours Blog (05/07/12)

London Cycling Campaign (02/07/12)

London (de)Tour Guide 2012

If you have seen any media coverage that we haven’t listed then please email us at


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