About Us

Steve and Ruth-Anna had never heard of each other before Thursday 5th July, but ‘met’ via Twitter, both complaining about the towpath closure. Like many other local residents, Steve and Ruth-Anna both rely on the towpath to get to their respective places of work.

Steve had started printing posters to gather support for a campaign against the towpath closure. A Facebook group, Twitter campaign @OpenOurTowpath, well over 300 Londoners, one letter to the Mayor and a 50-strong demonstration later, here we are! Just a bunch of people who love and use the canal, wanting to keep on using it.

Twitter @OpenOurTowpath

Facebook http://www.facebook.com/groups/147913112012877/

email us: openourtowpath@gmail.com

What we are not:

We are NOT an anti-Olympics protest group

We are NOT supporters only of off-road cycle paths. Cyclists have as much right as any other road users to be there, and we look forward to the time that feels like the case in London!


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